My Makeup Doesn't Look Flawless. What Should I do?

My Makeup Doesn't Look Flawless. What Should I do?

My Makeup Doesn't Look Flawless. What should I do?


Cakey, flakey makeup. Makeup that starts off looking fine but looks clumpy and uneven a few hours later. Sound familiar?

If so, read on because we're covering the need to know tricks to ensure your makeup starts and finishes the day looking FLAW-less. 


Flawless Makeup Step 1: Start with Smooth Skin 

You know the old K-Beauty saying "Skin First, Makeup Second"? Well, when it comes to flawless makeup nothing could be more accurate. Your makeup will only be as good as the skin underneath it, so if you have some skin issues standing in your way, it pays to sort them out first. 

If your skin is looking dull or your makeup starts flaking and separating after a few hours, chances are you need a good exfoliation. 

Start with something like Cinnamon Toast Sugar Scrub Foam. Apply it to a damp face and gently massage the sugar crystals into your skin for 2 minutes. You can apply it to your lips as well to ensure your lip makeup glides on smoothly. 

Next, is to prepare your skin properly.


Flawless Makeup Step 2: Prepare Your Skin for Makeup 

Makeup works best when it is applied on the right base. That means prepping your skin with the right products first. 

For starters, try a hydrating-style toner to nourish your skin and properly prepare your face for makeup. Dewy Glaze Toner is the perfect makeup-prep toner because it nourishes and hydrates your skin but won't leave it feeling sticky or oily. 

After cleansing, apply a small amount of toner to a cotton pad and wipe it over your face. Then, using the same toner, apply a small amount to your hands and gently pat it into your face. 

Makeup doesn't look flawless. Help

If you have mature or dry skin, we recommend applying a nourishing cream like Bubble Tea Steam Cream to your face and neck before applying sunscreen. 

If you have combination or oily skin you may be able to get away with simply applying your SPF. Otherwise, opt for a lightweight gel moisturiser. 


Other Hacks for Flawless Makeup 

Flaking Lips

If your lip makeup leaves your lips looking cracked and dry after a few hours, then try a lip prep routine. 

After lightly scrubbing your lips, apply a hydrating lip mask. Then, apply your lip makeup products over the top. You'll find everything glides on much easier and doesn't dry out.  

My Makeup Doesn't Look Flawless. What Should I do?

Pilling Sunscreen  

If you find your makeup often pills when you apply it over sunscreen, make sure you give your sunscreen enough time to dry first before applying other products over the top.

You might be wondering, "Can't I just skip the sunscreen? My makeup already has some in it". Unfortunately, the SPF in your makeup is not designed to be used as your primary form of sun protection. Think of it more as a backup (in case of emergency). 

The reason is that you are very unlikely to apply enough makeup to get the stated level of sun protection. It would look too thick and unnatural. 

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