Deliciously Fun Skincare

We're putting the fun back in functional skin care. Good skincare doesn't have to be boring. Which is why we don't make it. At Jelly Ko, our products are a visual feast for the eyes and a treat for the skin as well.


Created by Korean Beauty expert Lauren Lee, Host of the Korean Beauty Show, Jelly Ko's collection was created after analysing the skin concerns of more than 10,000 customers over 7+ years.

Our multi-step formulas shorten the path to better skin by combining clinically proven ingredients with deliciously decadent formulas.

Jelly Ko products look good enough to eat, but these tasty treats are just for your skin.

Feed your skin tried-and tested ingredients like Niacinamide, Sodium Hyaluronate, Squalane, Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin E and Panthenol and innovative, hard-hitting ingredients like Adenonsine, Beta Glucan, and Birch Sap.

Take a look at how we formulate.


Translucent and bouncy.

Plump and soft to the touch. Smooth, free from fine lines and dark spots.

Just like jelly.

The goal of our skincare products is to create smooth, hydrated jelly skin.


Because hydrated skin is ageless. It softens the appearance of acne scars in younger skin, while also plumping, firming and diminishing the look of fine lines in mature skin.

Not only that, our products are perfect for those using strong acids and retinoids in their routine.

Our products are perfect for skin of all ages and skin types.


Our products don’t need to be tested on animals because we test them on humans instead.

We take our cruelty-free stance seriously, so we don’t sell into China (where animal testing is often a condition of sale).

At Jelly Ko, we don't make animals suffer for your beauty.