Are Face Scrubs Too Harsh?

Are Face Scrubs Too Harsh?

Are Face Scrubs Too Harsh?


When it comes to face scrubs, people have Big Opinions. Some claim scrubs are harsh and damaging, while others argue they offer undeniable benefits.

So what's the truth?

Let's take a look.


Are Face Scrubs Too Harsh?

Let's address some of the more misconceptions that give face scrubs a bad rap. Firstly, some people argue that they can cause micro-tears in the skin. While it's true that the types of scrubs that contain microbeads can be bad for the skin, there's no scientific evidence supporting the existence of microtears. 

Secondly, some people argue that scrubs are too harsh. But this is over-simplifying things a little. Whether any skincare product (Scrub or not) is too harsh comes down to a range of factors: 

  1. Formulation; 
  2. Potency; 
  3. How you use it; 
  4. How often you use it. 

It's not as simple as saying that "all scrubs are bad". What's important is the product itself. 

So, what are the keys to ensure you're using the right kind of scrub? 

Firstly, opt for products that don't contain microbeads or plastics. Products featuring natural ingredients like sugar are ideal for a couple of reasons. Obviously, they don't have the same harmful impact on the environment. In addition because they dissolve in water you can control the strength of your scrub. If you gently massage the sugar crystals into your face you get a much gentler scrub. Adding more water breaks the crystals down faster so you're not intensely scrubbing your skin. 


Are Face Scrubs Too Harsh?


Why Are Face Scrubs Good For Skin?

Like all good things, face scrubs are great in moderation. Some of the key benefits are:


Exfoliation: The Key to Radiant Skin

One of the primary reasons scrubs gained popularity in the first place is thanks to their exfoliating properties. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, leaving you with a fresh and radiant complexion.

In addition, scrubs physically eliminate buildup and unclog pores, preventing breakouts. In doing so, they also enhance the absorption of other skincare products, boosting their effectiveness.


Are Face Scrubs Too Harsh


Enhanced Blood Circulation:

A surprising benefit of using scrubs is their ability to stimulate blood flow to your face. Gentle massaging while applying a scrub has multiple benefits for your skin. For one, it helps brings vital nutrients and oxygen, which promotes a healthy and youthful appearance. Embrace the scrub for a revitalizing skin workout!


The Fountain of Youth: Anti-Aging Benefits 

Scrubs are ideal for anti-aging because they help remove dead skin cells, revealing the new stuff underneath. By naturally encouraging turnover, they help to maintain a youthful complexion and improve skin texture. This is ideal for skin at all ages but especially if you're starting to notice the signs of aging. 

Are Face Scrubs Too Harsh?


A Fresh Start: Improved Product Absorption

If your skincare products aren't delivering the results you want or expect the culprit might be your dead skin. By using a scrub, you create a clean canvas for your other skincare products. With the removal of dead skin, your other products are able to penetrate deeply into the skin, maximizing their effectiveness. Give your skincare products a VIP entrance to work their magic.


Are Face Scrubs Too Harsh?

The answer is not necessarily, but choose your scrub wisely. 

Despite the controversy, when used appropriately, scrubs offer numerous benefits for your skin. By promoting exfoliation, improving circulation, combating signs of aging, and enhancing product absorption, scrubs can be great for achieving a radiant and youthful complexion.

So, don't abandon them altogether. Choose a gentle, natural alternative instead.


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