3 Surprising K-Beauty Marketing Trends

3 Surprising K-Beauty Marketing Trends

3 Surprising K-Beauty Marketing Trends 


Lauren discusses some interesting new marketing trends across hair care, male beauty and conscious beauty in Korea. Plus, are Korean beauty companies dropping the ball on mobile e-Commerce? Lauren answers a listener’s question on makeup recommendations for oily skin.



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K-Beauty News

Customers Are Using Mobile Whereas Beauty Companies Are Still Suck in the Past

  • When it comes to shopping online, mobile has firmly overtaken PC in terms of where consumers shop (Statista's 2022 data showed that this has been the case since 2018)
  • As the proportion of online sales increase, mobile expansion and the importance of mobile markets in the beauty industry is growing.
  • However, data reveals that most domestic Korean beauty brands have been sluggish in terms of performance because they do not have a clear mobile strategy.
  • Some luxury brands (like History of Whoo) are still insisting on offline stores such as department stores. Others prefer that their products be stocked in duty free shops. 
  • For many brands, mobile optimization is still in its infancy. 
  • While brands can always meet their customs on mobile through platforms like Naver and Coupang this is not the same thing as having your own app or brand website.
  • I've had many similar experiences in the past with Korean Beauty Brands who were not interested in partnering with us unless we had our own offline store. 


New Kbeauty Marketing Trends in 2023 

  • Mezzo Media published a cosmetics industry analysis report about the state of digital advertisements in 2023
  • Interestingly, several new trends have emerged including in:
    • Functional hair care
      • With more young people becoming worried about grey hair and hair loss we've seen a growth in interest in early care (starting management as a preventive measure
      • As a result, the hair loss shampoo industry is expanding its customer base
      • Includes using models from the MZ generation. Contrast this to the past where marketing was mainly conducted for middle-aged people
    • Male Beauty
      • The men's beauty market has shown steady growth and is emerging as a key growth area in the domestic cosmetics industry.
      • Shown an increase in sales between 7%-10% year-on-year in the last 2 years 
      • This has spurred a diverse new range of categories, from foundation to lip balm and basic cosmetics.
    • Conscious beauty market
      • There has been a huge upward growth trend in consumer preferences for eco friendly products, including packaging, reducing the weight of the product and so-called "clean beauty" or natural claims 
    • Difference between generations in terms of preferences
      • Consumers in their 20s are much more conscious of products being right for the skin type compared to other age groups.
      • 39% even cited "skin type suitability" as a major factor to consider.
      • This can be contrasted by consumers in their 50s, for whom the vast majority did not think this was important. Instead, half of them thought "brands and manufacturers" were the most important factor to consider before purchasing.  


Review for the Podcast 

Curious about k-beauty? Look no further! by Hadgol  on April 1, 2023

I’ve been curious about k-beauty for years but just never knew where to start. I was also kind of scared because I thought that Korean products included loads of crazy ingredients and I just wasn’t sure if my skin could handle it. But then came Lauren! She explains everything you need to know in a clear, fun and interesting way. I was surprised to discover that k beauty is often more gentle on the skin than many other western products that I’ve been using over the years. By listening to the podcast you will learn exactly what you should and shouldn’t do, based on your specific skin type and needs. I also feel that she’s always honest with her opinion, and would never recommend anything that she doesn’t believe in. I contacted her twice with some questions and both times she replied quickly and kindly. I’m here to stay, thank you so much Lauren!

Questions of the Week: Recommendations for Oily Skin 

Our listener asked: "Any recommendations for oily skin? I’ve got dewy makeup without even trying?"

A few things can help 

1 A good primer that keeps everything in place - like Banila Co Prime Primer. If you are worried about silicones in your makeup, check out this old episode of the podcast on silicones in Kbeauty. 

2 A setting powder for after makeup. Innisfree No Sebum Pact and Powder are great

3 Lots of good mattifying sprays. APLB Centella Mist Spray Serum is a good option 


Why Did You Buy This K-Beauty Product 

 Review of Subi Bare Skin Balm

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Recommendation of the Week - Bingsoo

  • Bingsu / 빙수 is a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings 
  • The most common variety is pat-bingsu  (팥빙수), the red bean shaved ice. 
  • Deliciously light dessert and perfect for this time of year 


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