2 Step Glass Skin Makeup Hack

2 Step Glass Skin Makeup Hack


2 Step Glass Skin Makeup Hack


If you love Korea's glass skin trend but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars or hours getting it then we've got good news. Here are two quick and easy steps to nailing Korea's glass skin look with makeup. Best of all? The entire routine is under $80 AUD. 

But first things first - what exactly is glass skin?


What is Glass Skin?

Glass skin (or 유리피부 “yuri pibu” as it’s known in Korean) refers to translucent looking skin that is toned, hydrated, healthy and fresh.

If you imagine your skin like a piece of glass – dewy and luminous with no pores – you’ve got the idea behind this Korean makeup craze. If you're trying to achieve glass skin with skincare products alone it can take quite a bit of effort. After all, poreless, fresh and healthy skin is not always as easy to achieve as it sounds. 

However, when it comes to achieving glass skin through makeup this is much easier. Best of all, it can be achieved in as little as two steps - as long as you know what you're doing! 

2 Step Glass Skin Makeup Hack 


2 Step Glass Skin Makeup Hack - Step 1: Ace Your Base

The key to glass skin makeup is to ace your base.

Start off with clean, dry skin. Then, take Dewy Glaze Toner and apply a layer to your face and neck. Pat to aid absorption.

This toner will not only help appropriately nourish and hydrate your face before you apply your makeup but will also ensure it lasts longer as well. 

If you use a sunscreen, apply it first before your foundation or BB Cream. 

 2 Step Glass Skin Makeup Hack

2 Step Glass Skin Makeup Hack Step 2: Blend Away Imperfections 

The next step is to blend away any imperfections like visible pores, sun spots and uneven skin tone.

The quickest way to achieve this is to use a lightweight Korean BB cream or cushion. If you're shopping for one look out for words like "물광" ("mul gwang" or water glow) and "촉촉" ("chok chok" or hydrated) on the packaging. These tend to be the best for achieving glass skin. 

Glass Skin Makeup Hack

Using a tapping or patting motion, apply your BB cream over the top of your skin, ideally with a BB cream puff. This tends to give the best coverage while still allowing the light of your natural skin to shine through.

Alternatively, you can use a Korean makeup spatula to help you achieve the same sheer look. 

If you're not sure which BB Cream is right for you, then two that we adore are:

  1. Skin79 BB Cream 
  2. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

Finally, skip out on powders to set your makeup if you want to achieve a Korean style glass skin glow.

2 Step Glass Skin Makeup Hack

Have you tried Korea's glass skin makeup look? Let us know your favourite hacks in the comments. 

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