How to Fix Dry, Flaky Lips

How to Fix Dry, Flaky Lips

How to Fix Dry, Flaky Lips


If your lips are looking more crusty then cute, don't stress.

Here's a quick and easy lip care routine you can do in under 2 minutes that will turn your lips around stat. 

But first things first - how did they get this way in the first place?!


How Lips Get Dry and Cracked 

There are lots of ways our lips can end up cracked and flaky - cold, dry weather; sun damage; even frequently licking your lips can contribute. This can lead to them not only looking worse for wear but feeling painful and tight too. 

That's because unlike the skin on other parts of the body our lips don't actually produce sebum (oil). That means that they don't hold onto moisture like the rest of our skin. 

If your lips are in need of TLC here's a guaranteed way to get them glossy again.

How to Fix Dry, Flaky Lips 

How to Fix Dry, Flaky Lips Step 1: Lip Scrub 

Start out with a gentle lip scrub. Something containing sugar crystals is perfect because sugar is a natural exfoliant that melts when it comes into contact with water. This not only makes it less abrasive, because it melts as you scrub your lips but it's also better for the environment too.

If your lips are feeling tender and sore, add water to the scrub before applying it to your lips to gently break down some of the bigger sugar crystals. 

Then, lightly massage it across your lips for 1-2 minutes, taking care of any larger flakes. 

Rinse with lukewarm water and gently pat your lips dry with a towel. Make sure you don't use hot water because this can further irritate already sensitive lips. 

How to Fix Dry, Flaky Lips


How to Fix Dry, Flaky Lips Step 2: Lip Mask 

Follow up with an intensive lip treatment like a lip mask. This will not only condition, soften and hydrate your lips but also provide them with an essential burst of nutrients to strengthen them as well. 

You may find that while your lips are weakened you need to apply your lip mask more frequently. Try to avoid using makeup and lip liners on your lips while your lips are damaged. The less you apply the better, to avoid setting off any unwanted reactions like dermatitis. 

Finally, make sure you stay hydrated. Particularly if you've been sick or exposed to harsh winter conditions your lips are one of the first things that will show signs of damage. Make sure you take care of yourself and drink more water than usual. 

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