Korea's Viral 7 Skin Method

Korea's Viral 7 Skin Method

Korea's Viral 7 Skin Method


The 7 Skin Method is a K-beauty method for applying multiple layers of toner (otherwise known as "skin" in Korean) to your face. This multi-application technique encourages the skin to absorb more of the hydrating ingredients in your toner to give you the glass skin look in fewer steps. 

If you're keen to find out how this method can save you both time and money in your skincare routine, then read on! 


Korea's Viral 7 Skin Method 

How does Korea's Viral 7 Skins Method work?

The process itself is quite simple. After cleansing, take a hydrating toner and apply it to your face, up to seven times.

This delivers higher levels of moisture it delivers to your skin, which gives you that dewy glow Koreans strive for.


How do you do the 7 Skin Method?

Make sure your skin is nice and dry and then apply the first layer of toner.  We recommend doing the first layer with a cotton pad. Simply pump a few drops of your toner onto your cotton pad and wipe it lightly over your face, following the natural direction of your skin. 

Once that layer has been absorbed simply start again and begin patting the toner into the face using your hands. 

Korea's Viral Seven Skin Method

This is also a great time do give your face a generous massage, to assist in lymphatic drainage.

Now, you may not need to do a full seven layers in order to get hydrated, dewy skin. For oilier skin types, even 3 may be enough.  You can adjust how many layers of toner you apply to properly match your skin's needs. 

Once you're finished your layers, you won't need regular serum and can simply go in with your moisturiser or sleeping mask

The Best Toner for the 7 Skin Method?

Jelly Ko's Dewy Glaze Toner was specifically designed for the 7 Skin Method. It comes in a large 155ml container so that you can use it for months without running out. 

Combining the best of an essence and toner into a single product it's bursting full of juicy goodness. The formula replaces plain old water with hydrating birch sap water as the first ingredient In addition, it contains curated blend of hyaluronic acids and antioxidants, leaving the skin as glazed as donut. 

It's perfect for all skin types because it is a great way to add customised hydration to the skin. 

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