The Korean Approach to Anti-Aging

The Korean Approach to Anti-Aging

The Korean Approach to Anti-Aging


Ageing happens to everyone, no matter our race, skin type or genetics. Lifestyle and environmental factors play a part, and so too does how we care for our skin.

The Korean approach to anti-aging is a preventative approach that aims to guard against issues before they arise. That's why you'll see many Koreans using anti-aging styles of products before the skin begins to show signs of age. 

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The Korean Approach to Anti-Aging: When to Start

There is no “ideal” age to start using anti-aging products. This is because anti-aging products are designed to target the visible signs of ageing, rather than a particular “age” of skin.

Similarly, there are many habits that can cause your skin to age beyond its years. For example, you might only be in your 20s, but if you regularly tan in the sun, have an unhealthy diet, drink alcohol, smoke or are under a lot of stress, your skin might look older than you actually are. This is because these lifestyle factors provoke the formation of free radicals, which a major cause of premature ageing.

However, just because your skin is showing signs of aging, it doesn't mean that you should start slathering anti-aging products on your face. Here's why: your skin type. 

The Korean Approach to Anti-Aging


The Korean Approach to Anti-Aging: Why Your Skin Type Matters 

Mature skin is characterised by a lack of hydration, eye circles, age spots and loss of elasticity. These signs appear as skin ages, which is why many anti-aging products target these concerns.

However, skin in its 20s can also benefit from the antioxidants and ingredients contained in anti-aging products. The problem is that the formulation might not be right for younger skin. Often, anti-aging products are heavy and occlusive. They are simply too rich for young skin. 

This is where Korean beauty products come in. Korean skincare has a wide range of products that come in lightweight formulations. They are designed to deal with many common aging concerns without clogging the pores or weighing skin down. 

Take Korean beauty's sleeping masks, for example. 

Unlike their western counterparts, the night cream, sleeping masks are very often made from lightweight gel textures. They are packed full of excellent ingredients to tackle dehydration, signs of aging and dark spots. But they don't feel heavy on the skin. 

The Korean Approach to Anti-Aging

 That's why sleeping masks can be safely used by skin of all ages and skin types. 


The Korean Approach to Anti-Aging: Which Products to Use

When it comes to a good anti-aging routine, the Korean beauty approach focuses on:

  1. hydration
  2. active ingredients that target the visible signs of aging, and
  3. a good eye cream.

When it comes to hydration, layering your skincare can be a great idea. That allows you to customize the level of hydration you need to your skin type and concerns. It also means you can mix and match your products to get the right fit. 

Start with a nourishing toner, follow up with a serum or oil and seal everything in with a hydrating moisturizer that also contains brightening ingredients. 

Korean Approach to Anti-Aging

Arguably the first lines you’ll notice are the ones around your eyes, because this is where the skin is thinnest. Dark circles and puffiness also don’t discriminate by age. If you start noticing these, you can start using an eye cream.

Lips are another common giveaway of someone's real age or lifestyle. 

As you age, the lines on and around your lips are accentuated and the lips often look thinner. You can follow a simple lip care routine by gently exfoliating your lips several nights a week. Follow up with a Korean lip mask to intensively nourish and hydrate your lips. 

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