Why is K-Beauty So Obsessed with Hydration?

Why is K-Beauty So Obsessed with Hydration?

Why is K-Beauty So Obsessed with Hydration?

If you've been taking a look into Korean skincare you may have noticed one thing - Korean Beauty is completely obsessed with hydration. 

Why though? Let's take a look!


The Importance of Hydration 

Hydrated skin is one of the foundations of Korean skincare and for good reason. Good hydration is important for the skin for many reasons:

  1. Firstly, hydration can improve your skin's elasticity, which helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Put simply - hydrated skin looks younger!
  2. Hydration is important for your skin's barrier function. It helps keep your skin stronger and healthier. 
  3. It can help control oil production, reducing the likelihood of breakouts. 
  4. If your skin isn't hydrated, you are more prone to damage from the sun. 


Why is K-Beauty So Obsessed with Hydration? 

Because of how important it is to keep the skin adequately hydrated, many of the steps you'll see in a typical Korean beauty routine aim to increase hydration and prevent moisture loss. So to do many Korean Beauty products. 

Let's take a look at some of the ways and types of products Koreans typically use to stay hydrated. 


Korean Skin Hydration Hack 1: The 7-Skin Method

One of K-Beauty's most popular methods for applying toner is the ‘7 Skin Method’. This is designed to give you all the hydration your skin needs without buying a million different products.

Instead, it involves layering toner on your face for more hydrated, healthier looking skin. 

The 7-Skin Method is simple – apply one layer of toner to a cotton pad and wipe it over your face. Follow up with up to 6 additional layers of toner in your hands. Pat them into your face to aid absorption. Seal all of this in with a hydrating moisturiser on top and voila! Hydrated skin! 

Try Dewy Glaze Toner for your toning steps and Bubble Tea Steam Cream on top. 


Find out more about the 7 skins method on the Korean Beauty Show podcast:



Korean Skin Hydration Hack 2: Sleeping Masks

Sleeping masks are another great K-Beauty invention designed to maximise hydration and actively repair your skin overnight. The idea is to make use of the skin’s restorative powers so that you wake up to softer skin the next morning.

Koreans apply sleeping masks as the last step in their skincare routine before they go to bed. Remember - don't wash it off! 

Try Cherry Blossom Sleeping Mask to see the difference in your skin when you wake up. 


Korean Beauty Hydration Hack 3: Layering Products

Koreans are famous for layering their skincare products this is a great skincare hack for adding extra hydration to your routine as well.

Layering your products allows you to customise your skincare routine for the season and target any skin issues you are facing. Nearly anything goes when it comes to layering your products – you simply start with the product that is the lightest in consistency and work your way up to the heaviest. 

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