What is Jelly Skin?

What is Jelly Skin?

What is Jelly Skin?

Glad you asked! When you think of jelly chances are the following come to mind -Bouncy. Smooth. Clear. Jiggly! Well jelly skin (jello skin, for our American friends!) has all of these properties and more.  In a nutshell, jelly skin is skin that is:

  • Glowy
  • Dewy
  • Radiant
  • Bouncy
  • Hydrated
  • Youthful
  • Plumped
  • Nourished

How can we get skin that looks as good as this sounds? The key to jello skin is having skin that’s so hydrated it looks and feels just like a plate of jelly - bouncy to the touch.

What is Jelly Skin?


Who Can Get Jelly Skin?

Everyone! No, seriously! 

Dry and mature skin types look great with jelly skin because they lack hydration and moisture.

Acne prone skin types benefit from jello skin because they can be under-hydrated, which leads to an overproduction of oil and sebum. In addition, they often suffer from acne scars, which can look less prominent when the skin is properly hydrated. 

Take a look at this transformation in oily skin with acne scars after a proper routine:

 Jelly Skin Before and After


How Do I Get Jelly Skin?

Okay, I'm sold! But how do I get Jelly Skin?

First things first - Jelly skin means having super hydrated skin. That means you're going to need skincare that contains high levels of water and skin plumping ingredients. In addition, you'll need skin brightening ingredients to nail the transparency and clarity required. 


Best products for Jelly Skin

Jelly Skin Cleanser: Cinnamon Toast Sugar Scrub Foam 

This two in one exfoliator to cleanser is perfect for creating jello skin becuase it gently cares for congestion, large pores and dead skin cells. Once these are cleared out you'll be ready to start pumping your skin full of hydration. 


What is Jelly skin? 

Jelly Skin Toner: Dewy Glaze Toner

Once your skin is clean it's important to prepare it to properly absorb all your next layers of skincare. This 2-in-1 essence toner is perfect because it combines the benefits of a traditional Korean essence and toner in one. The nutritious blend of ingredients include Birch Sap instead of water, 3 types of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and more.

Curious about Dewy Glaze Toner? Tune into the Korean Beauty Show podcast to hear all about how it was made and why it took 2 years to be released:



 Jelly Skin Moisturiser: Bubble Tea Steam Cream  

Pumping the skin full of hydration is key to the jello skin look and that's where Jelly Ko’s Bubble Tea Steam Cream comes in.

This deliciously hydrating drink for your skin is packed with antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients like niacinamide and Vitamin E for plumper, bouncier skin.

Above all, this steam cream is perfect for anyone who feels like their moisturiser doesn’t sink into the skin.

What is Jelly Skin?

Effective for dehydrated skin yet gentle enough for sensitive or blemish prone skin, Bubble Tea Steam Cream is an overall moisturiser that is perfect for all skin types.


Jelly Skin Sleeping Mask: Cherry Blossom Sleeping Mask & Brush 

To make sure you lock in all that hydration over night a sleeping mask is the perfect way to finish your nightly skincare routine. Unlike night creams, which tend to be much thicker and emollient, sleeping masks are made from lighter gel textures. 

This jelly-textured sleeping mask goes to work while you go to sleep so that you wake up to softer, plumper, more hydrated skin the next morning. Use the special purpose silicone brush to apply it without mess and remember - less is more! 

What is Jelly Skin


Jelly Skin Lip Mask: Gelato Glaze Lip Mask 

While you're getting your jello skin on point don't forget your lips! This gelato-textured Lip Mask combines 5 products in one and creates glossy jelly lips that transform even the most dry, flaky lips. 


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