4 Types of Glowing Skin in Korean Beauty

4 Types of Glowing Skin in Korean Beauty

4 Types of Glowing Skin in Korean Beauty

When it comes to glowing skin, you may have heard that Korean beauty is the way forward. But did you know that in Korea there are four different types of "glowing skin"?

Known as "광" (gwang / "glows"), they each look unique and can be created through skincare, makeup and even diet. 


Glowing Skin in Korean Beauty

In Korea, there are 4 popular styles of glowing skin:

  1. 꿀광 - Kkul gwang (“honey skin)
  2. 물광 - Mul gwang (“water skin”)
  3. 윤광 - Yun gwang (“lustrous skin”), and 
  4. 속광 - Sok gwang (“the inner glow”). 

Honey skin (“Kkul gwang”) 

Honey skin is a type of glow that looks soft, hydrated and healthy, almost as if you have been lightly glazed or basted with honey. This trend has been popular in Korea for years and there are many different kinds of products to help you achieve this look. 

While some people like to use products that contain ingredients like honey, bee pollen or propolis, it is not essential to recreate the honey skin look. Instead, the key is to use products that are nutritious and hydrating. The skin should look slightly wet after application. 

Products to Try for Honey Skin: Jelly Ko Be Jelly Serum  


Water skin (“Mul gwang”)

So-called “water skin” or the "water glow" is best summed up as the look you get straight after showering. When you first step out of the shower your skin looks plump and juicy, with a wet sheen to it. 

To nail this look, it's important to focus on the condition of your skin. To get the right level of dewyness, you'll need to pump your skin full of hydration.

Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin and oils can help, as can layering your hydrating products. 

Products to Try for Water Skin: Jelly Ko Bubble Tea Steam Cream 


Lustrous skin (“Yun Gwang”)

The lustrous glow, or "yun gwang" looks similar to strobing, which involves placing a strategic sheen on the high planes of the face. Ideally, you should be glowing in all the same places as the sun hits your face. 

This look is often achieved through makeup so starting with the right base is important. First, make sure to properly prep your skin with a hydrating toner. Then, opt for a pink coloured base or primer to leave your skin looking instantly fresher. 

Skip the foundation and instead opt for a Korean BB Cream or cushion. These are better because they let the skin’s natural light shine through. To perfect your look, try strobing, a makeup technique that uses shimmery shades of highlighter to accentuate places where light naturally touches your face. 

Products to Try for Lustrous Skin: Jelly Ko Dewy Glaze Toner

Jelly Ko Dewy Glaze Toner Before & After


“Lit from within skin” /  the inner glow (“Sok gwang”)

Of all four Korean "gwangs" / glows, the “Sok gwang” is the most subtle. It can also be one of the hardest to achieve because it is the healthy glow you get from taking care of yourself from the inside out. 

If you are looking to achieve this look, focus on a diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables. You'll also need plenty of water. For your skin, a healthy and strong barrier is essential to achieving a lit from within glow so focus on strengthening and supporting your skin's barrier. 

Products to Try for Lustrous Skin: Jelly Ko White Truffle Souffle Serum 


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