Say Hello to Dreamy Skin With Our New Serums

Say Hello to Dreamy Skin With Our New Serums

Say Hello to Dreamy Skin With Our New Serums

How would you suggest incorporating the White Truffle Souffle Serum and Be Jelly Overnight Dream Serum into your current skincare routines?  Where and when would you use?

Our serums are designed to be used at the treatment stages of your skincare routine. You can apply them after toner / essence and before moisturiser or face oil.
Our Be Jelly Overnight Dream is a retinol serum, so it is best used at night and our White Truffle Souffle is a glow serum that can be used night and day, either alone or in tandem with our retinol serum.

Both of our products are also ideal for skin cycling, which involves alternating retinol-based products and hydrating products in your routine on different nights of the week.

Jelly Ko White Truffle Soufflé Serum

How do you recommend users incorporate both serums into their skincare routines, especially for those looking to address multiple skin concerns simultaneously?

Our brand philosophy is “jelly skin”, so all of our products work together to give you bouncy, smooth, hydrated, and plump skin. Our two serums are specifically designed for well-aging and skin rejuvenation.

Our retinol serum targets multiple skin concerns by combining the maximum dose of retinol with 4 types of hyaluronic acid, collagen, squalane and glycerin. We used encapsulated technology to deliver ingredients where they are needed. 

However, because retinol can lead to dryness, redness and flaking in some people, we created a second, standalone White Truffle Souffle Serum to cocoon and nourish the skin. It is designed to support your skin’s barrier health while using retinol. White Truffle Souffle is a nourishing serum that can be used straight after retinol, and also in the mornings for those with drier skin. Because it is a thicker, nourishing serum, one small pump is all you need.

What inspired the use of European white truffle extract in this serum, and how does it contribute to treating discolouration and signs of damage?

Korean beauty is known for its focus on hydration and glow, and our White Truffle Souffle Serum is a style of product known as a “Gwangchae” (광채) or “Glow Serum” in Korean skincare. It hydrates your skin from the inside out, imparting a natural glow for skin that radiates with health.

We wanted to feature something truly luxurious, so we chose European white truffle extract because it combines both anti-aging and brightening functions. Thanks to its rich antioxidants and vitamin content, it can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to promote a more youthful appearance. White truffle can also improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin. We enhanced this functionality by including licorice in the formula as well.

Our White Truffle Serum is perfect to use on its own for dull, dry, rough, sensitized, and irritated skin and can also be combined with our retinol serum.


Jelly Ko White Truffle Soufflé Serum

With the inclusion of four types of hyaluronic acid, how does the Be Jelly Overnight Dream Serum ensure optimal hydration without compromising the effects of retinol?

I suffer from acne-type rosacea and dry, sensitive skin, which makes it difficult to use retinol in my routine. I wanted to create a product I could use to re-texturize my skin, tackle breakouts and post-acne marks and lessen the signs of aging without drying my skin out or experiencing the flaking, redness or irritation that often accompanies it.

Our team spent a year and a half developing this formula in Korea. It features 4 types of hyaluronic acids at different molecular weights; collagen; as well as humectants (glycerin), occlusives (squalene) and emollients (allantoin) to counteract the drying effects of retinol. The result is a unique jelly-textured serum that delivers the maximum dose of retinol to the skin in a hydrating formula.

Retinol is a powerful ingredient in anti-aging skincare. How do you recommend users incorporate the Be Jelly Overnight Dream Serum into their night-time routine for optimal results?

Be Jelly Overnight Dream Serum combines retinol with collagen to re-texturize your skin, target visible signs of aging and discoloration. Because retinol can increase photosensitivity, I recommend using it in your routine at night and being religious about your sunscreen application during the day.

The best way to introduce our serum into your routine is to patch test it first to check for allergies, which is what I recommend when using any new skincare product for the first time. Then start out slowly, one night per week, and gradually increase the frequency of use, working up to using it every night. If you experience any signs of irritation or sensitivity, such as redness, burning, dryness or flaking, I recommend pulling back and focusing on rehydrating the skin with our White Truffle Souffle Serum.

Jelly Ko Be Jelly Overnight Dream Serum

In terms of sustainability, are there any initiatives or practices Jelly Ko is implementing to minimize its environmental impact?

As a mum, sustainability is very close to my heart. Jelly Ko not only donates 1% of our annual revenue to 1% For the Planet through our parent company, STYLE STORY, but we are also very conscious of our packaging choices. Both of our serums are in glass containers and our boxes are made from recycled paper, printed with soy ink.

About Jelly Ko founder, Lauren Lee

Corporate litigator turned entrepreneur; Lauren Lee traded her life as a lawyer in Brisbane to share Korea’s best skincare secrets with the world. After discovering K-Beauty products by chance on an exchange to Korea’s Yonsei University in 2011, Lauren started a side hustle selling K-Beauty brands in Australia. Demand for these K-Beauty products boomed and in 2014 Lauren started STYLE STORY  - Australia’s First e-commerce Korean Beauty platform. As STYLE STORY continued to flourish, Lauren packed up and moved to Seoul, devoting her time to bringing the best in K-Beauty to Australia. After a decade in the industry, Lauren began Jelly Ko, a fun, functional K-Beauty brand of her own.

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